50% Soil Conditioner/Soil Improver, which is made out of 100% organic, recycled greenwaste. Our Veggie Mix Soil naturally improves any sandy soil, but is on its own the best soil for your plants.

And 50% Mushroom Compost, which is a popular soil conditioner and feeding mulch and as a soft mulch great for vegetable, fruit, flowers (roses) and herbs. When used as a mulch it fights soil erosion.

It can also be incorporated into the soil before planting. The composted straw, manure (chicken), gypsum, peat and limestone make a perfect blend of rich organic materials to build soil health.

These two products we sell separately, therefore it won’t be mixed through thoroughly but usually by shoveling it out our if we deliver and tip it out, it gets mixed quite well.

How much do I need?