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Hardware & Landscaping supply store in Kwinana, WA

Kwinny Sticks and Stones is a family owned & operated business.

We offer an extensive range of quality landscaping products to help you create the perfect garden oasis including a variety of soils, mulches, stones, gravels and building materials and hardware.

We offer delivery,
free courtesy trailers or you can bring your own ute or trailer.

We are open 7 days!

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Whether your order is large or small, we can get it to you using our trucks delivering up to 2m³ in one delivery.

We can also arrange larger deliveries – just get in touch.

Bring your own trailer or we have FREE courtesy trailers to get your load home or to your job site.

We have 6×4 foot free courtesy trailers to take your own load (up to 2 scoops) home and will bring it back within 2 hours.

We offer many items for hire as well!

Kwinny sticks and stones garden supplies truck out on delivery

Sculpt Your Perfect Garden


Choose a quality mulch to make your gardens pop, reduce weeds, reduce moisture loss and improve the biological balance and health of your garden.

Kwinny Sticks and Stones - Mulch

Sand & Soil

Improve your soil, which in Perth is notorious for their sandy, water-repellent nature lacking in structure and nutrients.

Kwinny Sticks and Stones - wheelbarrow in the garden


We offer an extensive range of premium quality stone in Perth in a variety of colours and granularities.

Kwinny Sticks and Stones - stepping stones

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We have a large range of garden products including mulch, sand, soils and a variety of crushed stones. Everything you’ll need for your gardening project.

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