Frequently Asked Questions

The recommended thickness for Mulches is 7.5cm-10cm.

Why Mulch?
For moisture retention, to keep the soil underneath cooler and weed suppression

Road Base and crushed Limestone are very easy to compact and make a good surface to drive on.
If the underground is soft, the thickness should be 15-20cm.
If it is already hard 10-20cm is sufficient.

You can also use Pea gravel or Blue Metal as a loose stone alternative.

We do NOT recommend using our crushed Brick on driveways as the weight of the vehicle crushes the brick more and it becomes dust over time, it is more suitable for walkways or as decoration or mulch in garden beds.

We recommend our Lawn Mix, which is sand-based but it also has chicken manure, loam and limestone in it to inhance the growth and health of your lawn. It can fill in divets at the same time.

The advantage of using a sand is it does not decomposes like soil and therefore you are able to even out your lawn.

The extra manure acts as a fertilizer in comparison to just using yellow sand.

Our Landscape Mix is not very high in nutrients, which the natives are used to and prefer, but it is still a good soil from composted material.
Pine Bark Mulch is the best option as a mulch for native plants. It does last long and provides air pockets but also enough cover from the sun.
Brickies Sand is more coarse, it has a high amounts of clay. This allows it to become stickier when mixed with cement and becomes more workable by enhancing its blending and bonding characteristics.

Plasterer’s sand is finer and cleaner and therefore better suitable for render, it often has a slightly lighter colour which suits limestone in its natural colour more for mortar mixes.

This product comes from the Mushroom Farm, it is a very rich in nutrient base where the mushrooms are grown in. It then gets “cooked”/heated up to eliminate the fungus spores, so that there are no mushrooms growing where you do not want them to.

Mushroom compost is a popular soil conditioner and soft mulch for garden beds particularly for vegetable, fruit, flowers and herb growing in WA. Mushroom compost is a dual use product in the garden being a soil conditioner and a feeding mulch. When used as a mulch it fights soil erosion. It can also be incorporated into the soil before planting. The composted straw, manure (chicken), gypsum, peat and limestone make a perfect blend of rich organic materials to build soil health.

Our scoop is roughly 1/3 of 1 cubic meter, 3 scoops make up 1 cubic meter.

3 wheelbarrows make up 1 scoop.

For example: 1m x 10m x 10cm (0.1m) = 1m3 (1 cubic meter)

It depends on the thickness that you need for the area (square meter m2) that you want to cover.

It obviously depends on the size of your trailer and if you have a cage. Our courtesy trailers are 6×4 and hold 2 scoops.

– Blue Metal: 14mm
– crushed Limestone: 19mm
– Cracker Dust: 2mm
– Pea Gravel: 12mm
– crushed Brick: 10-12mm

Delivery costs are made up in a 3 km intrim. $20 for the first 3 km, $25 within 6 km from our yard.
Call us to order if you are outside of Kwinana.

$30 within 9 km (including Hillman, Coolongup, Baldivis noth of Saftey Bay Road, Casurina, Marri Park, Wattle Up, up to Russle Road, $40 for up to 15 km distance from our yard (north of Russle Rad, Oldbury, Oakford, Wandi, Aubin Grove, Hammond Park, Shoalwater, Safety Bay, Waikiki, Warnbro), $50 to Success, Coogee, South Lake, Beeliar, Atwell, Cockburn, Spearwood, Port Kennedey, $60 to Byford, Armadale, Fremantle, Oçonnor, Piarra Waters, Secret Harbour, Whitby, Cardup, Hopeland, Karnup, Bullscreek, Seville Grove, Darling Downs)

Yes we can deliver bigger quantities, please call us for a quote.
Kwinny’s little truck can carry 2m3 at one time but the big brother K’N’K civils has 8t=10m3 truck capacity available with appointment.

If you need a big amount (>5m3) of a product that we do not stock please enquire if we can get it for you.